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Recycle Your Run and Get a £20 Reward!

Recycle Your Running Shoes at Runners Need

At the risk of appearing to be slightly obsessed with trainers, we couldn’t help but have an ‘air punching’ moment when we heard about this great initiative by specialist running shop, Runners Need, to ‘recycle your running shoes’. As keen runners, we find ourselves hoarding trainers, sometimes because we have an unhealthy emotional attachment to them, but more often than not, because we haven’t been able to think of a better place for them to go.

Collect Your Stamps for Charity

Collect Stamps for Charity

There are those of us of a certain age which will no doubt remember with fondness being urged to collect postage stamps for whichever Blue Peter Appeal was applicable at the time. It was almost a way of life. Blue Peter always made the best of what everybody else was going to throw away, whether it be cereal packets, the labels off of Heinz Baked Bean tins, or postage stamps.

Box Clever for Kids Birthdays

Kids Birthdays

If you have a child of a certain age, ie. primary school age, you will no doubt have experienced the flood of birthday party invitations that often goes with the territory. All very lovely – a fun afternoon for your child, but then there’s the obligatory presents, cards and of course wrapping paper! It all mounts up. Now, I know that re-gifting is a popular habit for many, know people who bulk buy presents and others who have a very stringent ‘present purchasing policy’ but the real killer can be the £2 or £3 on a card which frankly, the child may or may not even look at.

Top Tip to Help You Use By the Use By Date

Reduce Food Waste Blackboard

If you just hate it when you reach into the fridge to find a pack of chicken past its use by date, well here’s an idea for you! We find this incredibly simple but effective and helps you to avoid throwing away perfectly good food!

Sugar Tax Just Sugar Coating the Problem!

sugar tax sugar coating the problem

So the long awaited and campaigned for sugar tax has come to pass and we all rejoice. But is it enough, or is it just sugar coating the problem. I have been on a voyage of discovery about sugar content over the last few months having inadvertently begun weaning myself off the stuff, at about the same time as a Sugar Smart leaflet came home from my daughter’s school. And when you understand the scale of the problem, a sugar tax is really nothing more than a glorified PR stunt – the fact that they have linked it to improving PE in schools just proves that point! That is not that as easy as it sounds and will take more than a few quid!

Charity Christmas Cards – All Are Not Equal!

Charity Christmas Card Comparison

If like us you are torn every year by the desire to communicate with your loved ones and friends during the festive period, and the unnecessary waste that is inevitably produced by the tradition that involves writing a big pile of cards, putting them in an envelope, stamping, addressing and posting them, then you will probably do what we do, which is try to offset that guilt in the hope that others will benefit from your actions in the form of a charity christmas card.    Of course, the retailers are very well aware of the dilemma we feel, and cash in at every opportunity!

Broken Biscuit Chocolate Tray Bake

Broken Biscuit Tray Bake

My mum was no baker, so if we wanted something as a treat, we had to make it ourselves! Here is the most kid friendly baking project on the planet. No baking required, and totally scrumptious. And of course, a perfect use for all of those old and broken biscuits.