How to Get the Most Out of Your Citrus Fruit!


We thought you might like to know how to get the very most out of your citrus fruits as the long and hopefully hot summer approaches. Whether you are brewing up some traditional and refreshing lemonade or preparing a zesty pud, here is what we have found! 


Firstly we bring you, from the inimitable Mr Oliver, his top tip on how to juice to the max! I’m sure it works marvellously if you have big strong hands.  And it is probably a good idea to massage your fruit even if  you use a Magimix attachment like we do!



Apparently if you microwave your fruit before juicing, or even freeze your fruit before juicing, you will get just that little bit more juice out of it. Something sciencey to do with breaking down cell structures and releasing juice! It seems to make sense in any case.


We are also massive fans of our Chef’n Bartender Lime Juicer which is mighty fine for perking up your favourite cocktail with a squeeze of your favourite citrus!

There certainly are a world of ‘juicers’ out there from traditional wooden reamers, to huge worktop devices, some more labour intensive than others, but whichever your preference, we are sure the the above advice will enable you to juice to the max!

If you have any top tips on how to get the most of your citrus fruits, or anything else, then do please get in touch with us at


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