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How to Get the Most Out of Your Citrus Fruit!


We thought you might like to know how to get the very most out of your citrus fruits as the long and hopefully hot summer approaches. Whether you are brewing up some traditional and refreshing lemonade or preparing a zesty pud, here is what we have found!

A New Year … A New Resolve to be More Resourceful!

A Resourceful New Year

We don’t actually believe in new year’s resolutions. Life is hard enough, particularly at this time of year, without putting yourself under added pressure to do things perfectly of even better! But a new year is a good time to draw a line, and start again…accept we didn’t do everything we wanted to do last year, but that we made progress!

Buying School Uniform – The Beginners’ Guide

Buying School Uniform

So your school place is secured and your feelings are mixed – your baby is growing up and starting school… too soon. It will likely be a bitter sweet day when you plonk your child on the door step, satchelled up, for their first day of school photo. But the reality is, they are going to school and there is much to do – first and foremost, buying school uniform! And you have to do it now! No, really, you do! So dry your tears and focus!

A Very Berry Weekend | From Surplus Raspberries to Sussex Blush Gin


If you are somebody who hate’s throwing things away..anything away at all, then maybe you can relate to the disquiet I felt this weekend at that very prospect! Angst turned to a feeling of quiet satisfaction at having round some very do-able little projects to avoid that which I dread! Wasting anything! The subject this time raspberries – the end product, raspberry gin!

Recycled Shoes from Adidas Protecting the Oceans

Adidas Recycled Shoes

If you’ve ever wondered at the amount of rubbish that washes up on a beach, particularly in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, then this is a story that might make you feel optimistic about life. Sportswear manufacturers Adidas have produced the first ever pair of recycled shoes using waste products for the ocean.

Have Yourself a Resourceful Little Christmas!

Twin Hats

Much as we all love the joy of Christmas, there cannot be one of us that doesn’t feel a little bit guilty about the waste and excess that results from a such a jolly good time. Presents, food, drink, festive extras – there just seem to be more and more of everything these days from Christmas jumpers, to Elves on Shelves, to 3D Advent calendars! Progress is progress as they say, but we believe that we can all do our bit to have a more ‘resourceful little Christmas’. Here is our guide to doing your bit, whether it’s recycling, up-cycling, making an informed choice about what you are spending your money on, or doing that little bit extra for a deserving cause – we hope that this will give you some food for thought at least. Obviously you can go through your normal recycling routines with paper waste, packaging and food, but at this time of year, there are plenty of schemes out there to inspire you.