Plastic Free Products

Truly plastic-free products or ones that use the least amount of plastic possible!

The Return of the Milkman & Why Glass Bottles Make Environmental & Practical Sense

Most of us over a certain age remember a simpler time when early mornings consisted of the musical hum of the milk float and a clink of a bottle as the milkman brought us cold fresh milk for our corn flakes. But with milk deliveries all but disappearing during the 80s and 90s as supermarkets took on the milk supply, it was quite a surprise to learn that in 2018 the milkman is making a welcome return to our doorsteps.

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Plastic-Free Coffee from Percol

Organic coffee company Percol, has become the first brand to introduce plastic-free packaging for their ground & beans coffee range. They are the first coffee brand to receive the ‘Plastic Free Trust Mark’ from A Plastic Planet.  You’ll start to notice the Plastic-Free logo on their new home compostable Ground, Beans and Coffee Bag packaging.

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Plastic-Free Tea | The Latest List of Converts

A little-known fact until relatively recently was that most tea bags do in fact contain plastic! More often than not tea bags are or were heat sealed with a small amount of polypropylene and unwittingly consumers have been disposing of them thinking they were more than fit for their compost heaps!

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Snack Attack | Re-Usable Snack Packs Test Driven

It’s summer holiday time! Hurrah! Fun for all the family and lots of days out with the kids! There is much to think about… where to go, what to take to avoid burning through too much cash, and how to keep everyone in happy mood all day long.

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