The most life changing moment of anyone’s life , there are more decisions to be made at that particular time than at any other.  As mothers of small children ourselves, we’ve faced a lot of those questions.

Buying School Uniform – The Beginners’ Guide

So your school place is secured and your feelings are mixed – your baby is growing up and starting school… too soon. It will likely be a bitter sweet day when you plonk your child on the door step, satchelled up, for their first day of school photo. But the reality is, they are going to school and there is much to do – first and foremost, buying school uniform! And you have to do it now! No, really, you do! So dry your tears and focus!

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My Journey to Nappy Enlightenment

Back in 2011 when my daughter was born, cloth nappies never once entered my mind. I was far too wrapped up in everything else that was going on to worry about that extra load of washing I would have to do, and as far as I was concerned at the time the effect on the environment was negligible. An extra wash and potential tumble dry a day versus a bin full of dirty nappies.

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Happy with Your Nappy? Our Nappy Test Drives

If you are contemplating the cloth nappy road, you can’t have failed to notice that there is an immense amount of choice with very variable prices too. Some nappies cost around £20 each…disposables not looking so bad after all. It is a big investment, so I decided to test drive them

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To Sew or Not to Sew..Uniform Labelling and the Joys Thereof!

So, if you’ve managed to get your head around the uniform buying part of the ‘my little one is starting school in September’ equation, you’ll be ready to face the next conundrum..name labels! Yes, I know. Who knew there was so much excitement involved! For some reason this never caused me any grief at nursery – sure, I popped a few iron on labels in her cardigans, because cardigans are like gold dust and yet such an essential part of any little girl’s wardrobe! But she generally went to nursery in her trashiest clothes and it really didn’t matter if they didn’t come home.

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