People Power Petitions

Have a browse of the petitions currently out there campaigning to reduce waste in various forms…and get signing!

Make All Menstrual Products Plastic Free

The amount of plastic in these products is unacceptable! There must be another way!  We would love to make the major producers offer a reusable or a biodegradable alternative where they can! 

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Petition For a Comprehensive Bottle Deposit Return Scheme

Every year in the UK alone, 5.5 billion plastic bottles aren’t recycled – many of which find their way to landfill or the ocean. We need to change that urgently if we are to address amongst other things, plastic pollution and a bottle deposit return scheme will certainly help.

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Stop Giving Kids Plastic Toys with Kids Meals

A fantastic petition by two little girls to stop fast food giants handing out plastic toys with their Happy Meals! Please sign and make it stop! 

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