Box Clever for Kids Birthdays

Kids Birthdays

If you have a child of a certain age, ie. primary school age, you will no doubt have experienced the flood of birthday party invitations that often goes with the territory.  All very lovely – a fun afternoon for your child, but then there’s the obligatory presents, cards and of course wrapping paper! It all mounts up.  Now, I know that re-gifting is a popular habit for many, know people who bulk buy presents and others who have  a very stringent ‘present purchasing policy’ but the real killer can be the £2 or £3 on a card which frankly, the child may or may not even look at.

Now, I have heard tell of box sets of children’s cards in supermarkets, but try as I might, have never found any.  So I was more than delighted to find this beauteous collection in The Entertainer for just £1 for 10 cards.  That’s 10p each!  Unbelievable. Now you can’t say fairer than that!  And they are all really lovely designs!  No duff ones like your bumper box of Xmas cards.  No glittery robins, and snowy steeples.

This has though prompted us to be curious and we have found some more lovely options for you!  Here are our best of the rest, and it’s surprising how little is out there!  Amazon has lots of job lots, but for consistency pick these!  And report back if you find any in supermarkets!!

Paperchase : 16 cards for £3.25 (usually £6.50)  – just under 20p at the moment!

The Book People : 30 cards for £8.99 – just under 30p a card

The Book People : 20 cards for £7.99 – just under 40p per card and you get an activity for your child productId=535794&storeId=10001&catalogId=10051&langId=100

The Book People : 25 cards for £7.99 – 32p per card – high end but a good price – 8 cards for £13 – £1.60 per card

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