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Special Summer Offer From Ohyo!

Ohyo Bottle | Waste Not Want Not

If like us, you have a particular issue with people buying bottled water,  and then throwing that bottle away, the associated waste and processing of that waste, then this is a product you may be interested in.  There are lots of reusable bottles out there, and we will be bring you our verdict on the good on the great at some point soon, but we didn’t want you to miss out on a special summer offer from Ohyo especially for you.

To Sew or Not to Sew..Uniform Labelling and the Joys Thereof!

Labelling School Uniform

So, if you’ve managed to get your head around the uniform buying part of the ‘my little one is starting school in September’ equation, you’ll be ready to face the next labels! Yes, I know. Who knew there was so much excitement involved! For some reason this never caused me any grief at nursery – sure, I popped a few iron on labels in her cardigans, because cardigans are like gold dust and yet such an essential part of any little girl’s wardrobe! But she generally went to nursery in her trashiest clothes and it really didn’t matter if they didn’t come home.

Your Essential Guide to Reducing Christmas Food Waste

roast turkey dinner

Ah, Christmas.  The time of year when we deviate from our usual shopping list and believe we are feeding a small country.  All retailers, and it would seem, especially food retailers love to play to our sense of nurturing our families through feeding them.  Which is great, except…all of that left-over food. Fear not, help is at hand. Here we guide you with some nifty tips to stop the waste. 

Let’s Take the Humbug Out of Christmas & Still Have a Resourceful One!

christmas shopping

So this year more than ever, there seems to be a backlash against the excesses of Christmas. I’ve never seen so many low waste guides to Christmas, and this is all great to see. But before I go on I would like to celebrate at this juncture the human trait which sends us a bit crazy at this time of year. Believe it or not, I’m talking about the actual ‘good’ in all of us that wants to make one day, in particular, such a special day.

It’s a Wrap | How to Create Less Waste when Wrapping those Christmas Presents!


In the grand scheme of things choosing which wrapping paper you buy may not seem that important, but did you know that in the UK alone we use an incredible 227,000 miles of the stuff every Christmas. The vast majority of that will, of course, be thrown straight into the bin, and whilst instinctively you might think paper can be recycled, a great deal of it won’t be. That’s why we thought we’d share a few ideas on how you can make your wrapping paper a more resourceful choice.  

Your WNWN Guide to Advent Calendars That Are Good for the Soul!

advent calendar

So the traditional start to the Christmas season, before retailers and advertisers became involved, was Advent, which of course starts on 1st December. The advent calendar, like many other Christmas traditions, originates from Germany and would originally depict a simple scene, with little windows to open on each day in the run-up until Christmas day itself.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree – Should We Be Buying Real or Fake?

This year, the focus on sustainability has skyrocketed and many more people are deliberating on the environmental impact of more of their purchases than ever particularly over Christmas. The Christmas tree, in essence, is the very symbol of the crisis we find ourselves in, and that is why we wanted to bring you the very best advice this year on what to buy for the good of the environment.