Types of Plastic

Types of Plastic

Types of Plastic

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  1. Jo Love

    Is there a charity that will accept plastic bottle tops near me WR12?
    I have a large bag of tops from medical liquid food bottles and I would like them to be recycled. The recycling number is 5.
    Do hope that you can help.

    • Heidi Lang

      Hi Jo,

      Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I am afraid I don’t have an exhaustive list of collection points, and the charity ones are usually just milk bottle tops, although I know that varies. If you just want to get them recycled the best option is to send them to a company that recycles them into various items called Protomax. This is their mailing address:

      Mytum and Selby
      Morley street
      HU8 8DN

      Hope that is of use to you.


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