Recycle Your Run and Get a £20 Reward!

Recycle Your Running Shoes at Runners Need

At the risk of appearing to be slightly obsessed with trainers, we couldn’t help but have an ‘air punching’ moment when we heard about this great initiative by specialist running shop, Runners Need, to ‘recycle your running shoes’.  As keen runners, we find ourselves hoarding trainers, sometimes because we have an unhealthy emotional attachment to them, but more often than not, because we haven’t been able to think of a better place for them to go.

So when we read about Runners Need launching a nationwide ‘Recycle My Run‘ initiative, it makes our hearts sing. All they ask you to do is take your old pair of trainers into one of their shops, and they will give you a £20 voucher for a new pair.  Now that is a win/win situation if ever there was one!  The voucher is only available for October, so get down there as fast as your old running shoes will carry you! Offer starts on 9th October 2017.

You will still be able to take your old trainers in to be recycled after October, but you’ll just be doing it for the good of your conscience and the planet after that.

To find your local Runners Need shop, click here.

All of the  shoes will be collected by the European Recycling Company who will take them to a better place where they can do some good. If you want to find more about what happens to them after they are taken away, then you can find out right here.

Now we know that this isn’t the only shoe recycling initiative out there, and we will be working hard to find out more about this area over the coming weeks to provide you with a full guide of where, what, when and how you can recycle your shoes.  It’s all very well putting them in the local shoe recycling bin, but wouldn’t you like to know more about what happens to them after that!  If you know of any other initiatives out there, we would love to hear about them. Just email us at and we will be sure to feature them over the coming weeks.

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