Christmas Shop for Charity

Most charities and charity shops are well stocked with festive delights at this time of year, and you will no doubt have your favourites.  And many of us will routinely buy charity Christmas cards.  On that note, last year we compiled our ‘charity card buyers’ guide’ to which charity Christmas card schemes benefit their charities most generously, so do check that out here.

Here are some other ideas as to how your Christmas shopping can benefit a charity or cause of your choice:

  • Twin Hats – an amazing spin off from the charity Cancer Hair Care, which helps people to cope with hair loss during cancer treatment, Twin Hats seeks to provide children with cancer with a specialist hat to help them maintain some self esteem at this most difficult time. All you have to do is buy one of their beautiful ethically sourced winter hats, which come in a wide range of shapes and sizes for all the family, and they will be able to donate one to a child suffering with cancer this Christmas.

  • Easyfundraising – the extremely popular shopping portal which donates money to your chosen charity simply for clicking on them first.  Set up an account, download the app and install their widget on your PC, and you all set to ensure that every penny you spend online this Christmas will benefit the charity of your choice.  It features all of the most popular retailers and then some including Amazon, eBay, M&S, John Lewis, plus many more, and your weekly grocery shop can also be made to count, because all the major supermarkets are on there too. It literally takes no extra effort once you’ve registered and you can watch the money roll in!

  • Oxfam Unwrapped – One of the first charity to cotton on to the power of the tangible ‘act of goodness’ the Oxfam Unwrapped range provides you with the opportunity to present, not only your lucky gift recipient with a truly selfless Christmas present, but safe water for a desperate village in Zambia for example, midwifery care for women in Gabon or mosquito nets for many countries around the world in desperate need. Best of all they will send it to you in a  ‘wrappable’ and ‘presentable’ form ready to put underneath the Christmas tree. This truly wonderful gift really is the gift that keeps on giving!




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