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Welcome to a Resourceful Life

Welcome to Waste Not Want Not. Now as our name would suggest, we are all about waste, and how to reduce it. Our idea is simple. We want to help you reduce waste in your life, whether that be time, money, resource, skills or even talent. We only get one live after all and we believe you should live it well! We love to reduce, reuse and recycle, make our own and run things efficiently…we are all about living a smart life!

Bread Maker Iced Buns & Why I Love My Machine!

Iced Bun Recipe in Bread Machine

So my daughter recently started high school, and apparently, it’s a thing to bake your high school starting child something nice when they come home on Friday – not sure if it’s every Friday or just the Friday they start, but our daughter started on a Friday! So my husband agreed to make our daughter her favourite iced buns from scratch to welcome her home. He had not a clue how to make them of course, and was mighty relieved when I suggested we could make them in my breadmaker.

Welcome to our Brand New Online Shop!

All Good Stuff Shop

We are so excited to bring you our brand new online shop – at last!! It seems to have taken a long time to get here but Rome wasn’t built in a day! We could not be more proud and thanks to those that supported us particularly Simon at Hub Graphics who built it so patiently!

The Magical World of Home Made Granola | Resourceful and Delicious

granola recipe

So just over a year ago I finally achieved a long term goal of mine – to make my own granola! I say ‘I’ because actually it is so simple that my 9 year old daughter did it! For me, living a resourceful life isn’t about pretty pictures on Instagram – it’s about overcoming the ‘that’s way too complicated and time consuming mental ‘block’ that we have about doing things sometimes the less convenient way. But the benefits are great! But I don’t have time…..Stay with me…I honestly have no spare time at all, but I manage these and long term, they save me time!

Time to Embrace Plastic Free Periods | Switching to Reusables

Plastic Free Periods

So we are reviewing the changes we have made over the last three years to reduce plastic and as a result, waste, in our lives to mark Plastic Free July. Top of the list without a doubt in terms of the one that makes us a little bit happy every time we do it, has to be introducing using reusable period pants! Not the easiest change, but so worth it.

How to Recycle Books | Six Great Ways to Give Your Books Eternal Life!

So I have two obsessions/passions in life – one is of course waste reduction and recycling – the other is a much more simple pleasure, and that is books! World Book Day gets me particularly excited about life! I think some people would call me a bibliophile because the sight of a book shop or a library or even a pile of books gets my heart racing, and the likes of Waterstone’s, and even better, a dusty old independent book shop, is my idea of Shangri-La! My dream would be to have a coffee shop full of vintage up cycled furniture, and books, hundreds of them, where people could come to relax and read! One day…in the meantime, here is my Waste Not Want Not Guide to making the very most of every single tome, and every single page, and every single word of beauty!