Big Brand Database

So we believe it is down to the big brands to solve a lot of the problems we have today with plastic packaging, excess waste and ineffective recycling. We like to clarify any confusion in terms of what can and can’t be recycled, and ask them what they are doing to make their packaging more sustainable. Here is a database of their responses so far.

Are Quality Street Wrappers Biodegradable?

We wanted to find out if the rumours were true – that Quality Street wrappers are in fact biodegradable. We decided to ask Nestle directly and find out the facts.

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Clipper Teas Packaging Information

We wrote to Clipper Teas who have just announced the launch of the world’s first ‘plastic free’ tea bag, to ask if their packaging was plastic free! Here is their response.

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Can I Recycle James Well Beloved Dog Food Bags?

We buy James Wellbeloved dog food anyway because frankly, it is a great product, but when somebody asked about buying dog food in recyclable packaging it got me thinking! I had always assumed the packaging was paper, and therefore recyclable, but I thought I had better check! And here is what I was told! Disappointing!

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Twinings Tea | Big Brand Database

We contacted Twinings Tea to ask them about the plastic pouch that they use inside their boxes of loose leaf tea. This is their response!

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Warburton’s Toastie Bread Wrapper

We wrote to Warburtons about their Toastie bread, as we thought the wrapper was made of paper and therefore recyclable, but we wanted to check! Here is their answer! It is worth noting that normal plastic bread bags are now recyclable in most supermarket carrier bag recycling collection points!

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Can I Recycle Bear Yo Yo Wrappers?

Are Bear Yo Yo wrappers recyclable? They feel papery but they also have a shiny inner coating. We contacted the manufacturers directly to find out and they told us all about their packaging.

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