Special Summer Offer From Ohyo!

Ohyo Bottle | Waste Not Want Not

If like us, you have a particular issue with people buying bottled water,  and then throwing that bottle away, the associated waste and processing of that waste, then this is a product you may be interested in.  There are lots of reusable bottles out there, and we will be bring you our verdict on the good on the great at some point soon, but we didn’t want you to miss out on a special summer offer from Ohyo especially for you.

Ohyo is a handy little collapsable water bottle that you can literally take anywhere.  You can keep it in your handbag or even your pocket.  Use it to carry your favourite drink or just fill up anywhere.  We’ve tried and we liked it.  It is just very light.  And perfect for summer.

Ohyo have offered Waste Not Want Not a special summer discount.  So for 10% off from now until the end of August, just go to www.ohyo.me, take some time to read the fascinating facts about the blight that plastic bottles are having on our planet, and then buy your Ohyo with 10% off and the code WASTENOT

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