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All Jumbled Up! Organising a ‘Good Old Fashioned Jumble Sale’!

jumble sale

So we have just organised our first school jumble sale – apparently the first in our village for about 50 years! There were mixed reviews – the professional ‘jumblers’ who had been queuing since dawn were disappointed that we didn’t sell adult clothes, and that our prices were ‘high’! If you call 5op expensive for a top quality Boden dress then I would have to agree with them, but overall I felt that we were giving stuff away.

Recycling at School & Community Events | How to Do the Best You Can

Recycling Signs for Events

We are trying to do better at our school at recycling waste at large scale events. We have therefore now adopted a scheme of setting up banks of bins with clearly labelled recycling labels, and where possible have them manned by personnel to direct people to the right bins. It has worked so far, and we are doing much better at separating our waste.