Recycling at School & Community Events | How to Do the Best You Can

Recycling Signs for Events

We are trying to do better at our school at recycling waste at large scale events. We have therefore now adopted a scheme of setting up banks of bins with clearly labelled recycling labels, and where possible have them manned by personnel to direct people to the right bins. It has worked so far, and we are doing much better at separating our waste.

We also found that it is a very good idea to send parents emails and social media posts before the event, informing them that you are trying to reduce waste at these events, encouraging them to bring reusables and look for the clearly marked bins. We threw in a few facts and figures about landfill too! Most of them will be supportive with advance notice and make a little bit more of an effort.

Obviously access to recycling varies from region to region, but it is possible to do better with a little bit of planning and consideration – perfection is nigh on impossible though, so you just have to do what you can do.

The single most difficult question for people seems to be whether they should use biodegradable or compostable cups at their events, but with no access to proper processing for these items, it doesn’t seem to be of any benefit at this point. Reusing is always the best option, with deposit schemes working in some cases. But at larger scale events that is not always possible.

Below are the labels that we have produced, which you are welcome to download and print. If you did want any with slightly different wording, we are very happy to amend them and send them to you. These signs do vary slightly from the normal ones you might see in public spaces, but that serves to draw people’s attention to them more effectively.

Here are the various bin labels – click on the link to download and print!

plastic cups plastic bottles recycling sign

glass bottles only recycling

food waste only recycling sign

aluminium cans recycling sign

general waste sign

Please contact us at if you need any more help or advice.


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