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All Jumbled Up! Organising a ‘Good Old Fashioned Jumble Sale’!

jumble sale

So we have just organised our first school jumble sale – apparently the first in our village for about 50 years! There were mixed reviews – the professional ‘jumblers’ who had been queuing since dawn were disappointed that we didn’t sell adult clothes, and that our prices were ‘high’! If you call 5op expensive for a top quality Boden dress then I would have to agree with them, but overall I felt that we were giving stuff away.

My Journey to Nappy Enlightenment

Back in 2011 when my daughter was born, cloth nappies never once entered my mind. I was far too wrapped up in everything else that was going on to worry about that extra load of washing I would have to do, and as far as I was concerned at the time the effect on the environment was negligible. An extra wash and potential tumble dry a day versus a bin full of dirty nappies.

Happy with Your Nappy? Our Nappy Test Drives

If you are contemplating the cloth nappy road, you can’t have failed to notice that there is an immense amount of choice with very variable prices too. Some nappies cost around £20 each…disposables not looking so bad after all. It is a big investment, so I decided to test drive them

Beautiful Country Desperately Seeking Corporate Responsibility

So yet again our headlines are hit by a natural disaster of epic proportions in a country that can ill afford it. Catastrophic loss of life and infrastructure has hit the people that can cope with it the least. And as the appeals are yet again launched for aid and cash, I can’t help but wonder if the right people are being asked to help?

What You Can Recycle in Your Area

So as I gather my collection of items of recycling together, determined to do the right thing and see them moving on to a more useful purpose, I often face a dilemma as to where I should take them? Do I take them to the charity shop, or the Recycling Centre, or the recycling bin sitting in the supermarket car park? And although I am pretty sure I can recycle shoes, I’m not entirely sure where the bin is located.

Energy Myth Busters

Have you heard the one about the phone charger? You know the one – if my phone charger is plugged in, but not attached to the phone, does it still use electricity!? Well we promise to bring you the definitive answer.