Can I Recycle James Well Beloved Dog Food Bags?

Can I Recycle Dog Food Bags

We buy James Wellbeloved dog food anyway because frankly, it is a great product, but when somebody asked about buying dog food in recyclable packaging it got me thinking! I had always assumed the packaging was paper, and therefore recyclable, but I thought I had better check! And here is what I was told! Disappointing!


Thank you for your email to the nutritional helpline.

Firstly, apologies for the delay in my response, we have been experiencing a high volume of emails.

James Wellbeloved is passionate about sustainability and the environment. On site, we continually challenge our processes and ways of operating to ensure that we are operating efficiently and effectively to reduce our impact on the environment.

We use two different types of packaging, paper and plastic. Our dog ranges, minus the Grain Free and Small Breed products, are packaged in paper bags. The current dog bags comprise of a layer of paper coated on each side by thin membrane of plastic. The plastic is used to ensure freshness of the product as well as strengthening it and preventing oil leaks.

As a company we are able to recycle any waste paper bags generated within the factory, as we can collect and store the bags in a high number, these facilities are not available for consumers. Unfortunately, we are unable to recycle James Wellbeloved packaging once it has left our factory due to the contamination risk it would impose. Therefore this packaging is not currently recyclable by the end user.

The James Wellbeloved Cat, Dog Grain Free and Small Breed ranges are packaged into plastic bags. These are recycled on site but are currently not recyclable by the end user.

Although we are focused on being environmentally friendly, our main focus has to be on the dog and cat and, as James Wellbeloved foods contain no artificial preservatives, we have to consider preserving the freshness of the food.  We are continually looking into more innovative packaging which will maintain freshness of the diets and also be environmentally friendly.

James Wellbeloved also pays a “green tax” which goes towards helping environmental issues.

I hope that this helps you.




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  1. Fred johnson

    Terracycle will recycle all flexible plastic pet food/snack packaging and all pet food pouches. If you visit the terracycle website you can search for your nearest drop of location.


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