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The Magical World of Home Made Granola | Resourceful and Delicious

granola recipe

So just over a year ago I finally achieved a long term goal of mine – to make my own granola! I say ‘I’ because actually it is so simple that my 9 year old daughter did it! For me, living a resourceful life isn’t about pretty pictures on Instagram – it’s about overcoming the ‘that’s way too complicated and time consuming mental ‘block’ that we have about doing things sometimes the less convenient way. But the benefits are great! But I don’t have time…..Stay with me…I honestly have no spare time at all, but I manage these and long term, they save me time!

Help Us With Our Veg Box Challenge!

Veg Box Challenge

So my daughter has just turned eight, and for the fourth time in my motherhood career, I decided I was going to give the organic veg box thing a try! I have failed on three previous occasions to achieve the catalogue organic veg box image of producing veggie delights for all the family, and in fact often couldn’t make a dent in the abundance that have arrived on a weekly basis at our front door, beautiful as they were. The pressure of having to create palatable offerings from ingredients I wasn’t used to cooking with proved more stress than I needed on top of everything else..especially as I literally hate throwing so much as a squishy tomato out! But I am at home now, full time, so I I thought I would give it a go..again!