Can I Recycle Contact Lenses & Plastic Blister Packs

recycle contact lenses

The good news is that Boots has now launched the UK’s first free national recycling scheme for plastic contact lenses and the little plastic cases that we throw away every day. There are several options available to you.

Firstly, you can drop your contact lenses and packaging at a public drop-off location including over 600 Boots Opticians and a network of Independent Optician practices throughout the UK. To find your nearest public drop-off location, click here.

You can also send your lenses directly to Acuvue by downloading a shipping label. Further information about how to do that is available here.

Finally, you can register as a private Terracycle collector and collect Terracycle points to raise funds for your favourite cause. Further details are available here.

Boots and Acuvue are taking any brand of contact lens so this scheme is available to all.

If you are a member of an Independent Opticians and would like to register to become a public drop-off location, you can join the programme and fill in this form.

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