Petition For a Comprehensive Bottle Deposit Return Scheme

bottle deposit return scheme

Every year in the UK alone, 5.5 billion plastic bottles aren’t recycled – many of which find their way to landfill or the ocean. We need to change that urgently if we are to address amongst other things, plastic pollution and a bottle deposit return scheme will certainly help.

Ultimately we, of course, need to be reducing the number of disposable items we use, including bottles, but deposit return schemes have worked successfully for many years in other countries, and are proven to increase recycling rates by up to 95%! It just makes absolute sense for the UK to do the same.

There are various proposals for deposit return schemes being discussed, but this petition seeks to encourage the widest possible range of materials and applications to be included. All-encompassing deposit-return systems are proven to significantly reduce littering and would include not only plastic bottles, but aluminum cans (infinitely recyclable and inert), glass (very recyclable and inert) and Tetrapacks, but also all kinds of products, including milk, juice, water, etc.

Please do have a read, sign, and share.

For some further reading, click here.

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  1. Heidi Lang

    Do you think a bottle deposit return scheme will incentivise people to recycle more appropriately?


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