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keep your strawberries fresh

Anybody else planning to hit the PYO establishments this weekend and gather some beautiful strawberries?  The weather is looking lovely, and the strawberry season is in full flow!!  And of course, Wimbledon always evokes a lust for the scarlet fruit. But don’t you find they sometimes go off more quickly than you can eat them. And doesn’t chopping the top off and throwing so much deliciousness away really bug you!

Here are our top tips on how to make the most of your strawberries!

  1. Check that there are no mouldy ones in your batch. If there are remove them immediately or they will speed up the moulding process of others! Likewise, any that look a bit soggy or battered.
  2. If you are picking your own, make sure you pick ones that are red, but still firm.
  3. DO NOT WASH YOUR STRAWBERRIES until you are ready to eat them. Some people swear by vinegar washes, but it is very difficult to get the strawberries dry afterwards. Wet strawberries will ultimately degrade more quickly!  In fact, give your strawberries a dry if they are damp when you buy them.
  4. Store your strawberries in the fridge, ideally in the crisper or an open container.
  5. If you are into science, then check out this lady’s blog – she’s really put the time and effort into working out the best method for preserving your strawberries. She swears by the glass jar method! Interesting stuff!  –
  6. If you want to freeze your strawberries, make sure you cut off the green top – you can freeze them whole, or chop them up ready to use.
  7. Get Googling those strawberry recipes to try – we love to knock up a Victoria Sandwich with fresh strawberries. And who doesn’t love to have a crack at home-made jam – as Dame Mary says – there’s nothing quite like it!  Ever tried a strawberry cordial – easy peasy, strawberry juice squeezy – full of vitamins too! Get creative wth your crop this year!
Extending the Life Of your Strawberries

And here is our tried and tested method for strawberry hulling – it really is a very satisfying process as you only throw away a fraction of the strawberry!  Obviously using a re-usable straw is preferable!


Do you have any top tips for preserving your strawberries? Do let us know!

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