Plastic Confusion and Why it is So Important to Look at the Bigger Picture

Today I am meant to be writing about how to have a resourceful Christmas, but frankly, this feels more important. I am coming across more and more cases of products that according to their appearance, and their description, would seem to be ‘plastic free’, recyclable or kinder to the environment because they are ‘biodegradable’!

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Let’s Get Pickling | The Simple & Delicious Way to Preserve Just About Everything!

At this time of year, I simply love digging through my veg patch to see what treasures lay buried but as yet undiscovered. Every year I grow beetroot and carrots with great enthusiasm – they are so easy and so rewarding! There’s nothing like a delve through the foliage to see what’s there, especially at this time of year, because at this time of year, it is time to get pickling! And there is nothing I like more than a pickle!

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Spread the Love and Reduce the Waste this Easter | Our Guide to Low Waste Easter Eggs

Arguably the most uncomfortable time of the year for a waste reducer outside of Christmas is Easter! All that plastic packaging containing such a small amount of chocolate! Over 80 million eggs sold in this country alone! Yikes!

Over the past few years, some of the larger manufacturers have heard the public cry of dismay and started introducing some lower packaging and waste options. And there is an increasing amount of ‘ethical’ brands out there with great green, fair trade and plant-based credentials. 

But what sets this year apart is that we have fewer retailers to choose from – we can’t wander up our high streets and support the specialist shops and smaller businesses, so the supermarkets have an unfair advantage.

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How to Make Your Own Reusable Cutlery Pouches | Waste Not Want Not Living

So if you’ve decided your life needs to be free from single-use plastic, and have started carrying your own reusable cutlery, we thought you might be interested in running up this lovely little accessory!  I have had a beautiful piece of fabric I bought a few years back from Liberty sitting in my fabric stash waiting for the ideal project, and here it is – our Reusable Cutlery Pouch!

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How & Where to Recycle Plastic Bottle Tops

Most plastic bottle tops are made from a plastic that can be recycled, but the vast majority of local authorities do not have the equipment or facilities to process them, particularly small bottle tops. This is often because the bottle tops are too small to go through the machinery, and can cause a problem in the process.

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All Jumbled Up! Organising a ‘Good Old Fashioned Jumble Sale’!

So we have just organised our first school jumble sale – apparently the first in our village for about 50 years! There were mixed reviews – the professional ‘jumblers’ who had been queuing since dawn were disappointed that we didn’t sell adult clothes, and that our prices were ‘high’! If you call 5op expensive for a top quality Boden dress then I would have to agree with them, but overall I felt that we were giving stuff away.

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Make Your Own Loose Produce Bag Out of a T-Shirt | Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Life

The motivation to make my own produce bag comes from a recent debate in the supermarket with my dear husband. For a long time, I have been content with weighing my produce and sticking the sticker onto one of the items. He did not share the same thoughts, however, and was putting potatoes into plastic bags!! So this is my attempt to dissuade him from this habit, although he looked unimpressed by my creation, and is yet to try it out!  Regardless of what he thinks, I love it, and it is so easy to do! 

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Recycling at School & Community Events | How to Do the Best You Can

We are trying to do better at our school at recycling waste at large scale events. We have therefore now adopted a scheme of setting up banks of bins with clearly labelled recycling labels, and where possible have them manned by personnel to direct people to the right bins. It has worked so far, and we are doing much better at separating our waste.

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