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How to Make Your Own Reusable Cutlery Pouch

So if you’ve decided your life needs to be free from single-use plastic, and have started carrying your own reusable cutlery, we thought you might be interested in running up this lovely little accessory!  I have had a beautiful piece of fabric I bought a few years back from Liberty sitting in my fabric stash waiting for the ideal project, and here it is – our Reusable Cutlery Pouch!

It really is simple – I am a self-taught sewer, so excuse the lack of technical speak – but hopefully the pictures will help!

Before You Start

Cutlery pouch

Preparing a template

Before you start you will need to make a template. The template should look a little like a house, with two base rectangles of 25cm x 6cm, and a triangle at the top, again base 25cm, and perpendicular height 6cm – so 18cm at it’s highest point, you then need a further 1cm for the seam around the sides and top of your house shape (not the bottom!). I then like to transfer my template onto baking paper to make it easier to cut the fabric out.

What You Will  Need

  • Fabric (approx 38cm x 27cm per pouch)
  • String/Ribbon (40cm per pouch)
  • A bead or button per pouch
  • Sewing machine, cotton, and pins – you could easily sew these by hand, but this will make it quicker

How to Make your Cutlery Pouch

Cutlery Pouch

Putting the wrap around in place

Cutlery Pouch

Cutting your fabric

Firstly, fold the fabric in half lengthways, your fold should then be at the bottom end of your template. Carefully cut around your template, once you have finished you will have an elongated hexagon.

Thread your bead or button onto the ribbon. This will provide a wrap around for your pouch to keep it closed.


Fold your fabric back into the house shape with the side of the fabric you want to see on the inside, and slot the ribbon inside, make sure both ends of the ribbon poke out of the top, pin this in place to secure.

Cutlery Pouch

Sew round the edges

Sew around the edges of the fabric, leaving around 4cm open on one side so you can pass the fabric back through and turn it the right way round

Cutlery Pouch

Turn inside out

Once you have turned the fabric back around the right way, carefully stitch up the last 4cm, tucking the raw ends back inside (you can stick this step and secure in the next stage if you are confident)

Finally, fold the bottom 6cm up against the next 6cm, making an envelope shape. Sew this down both sides to secure, keeping as close to the edge of the fabric as you can.


Cutlery Pouch

Cutlery Pouch

Finally turn this inside out so you can’t see those seams!

And there you have it! This an easy, quick and low-cost project. You can dress them up any way you like and are the ideal size for a knife, fork, spoon and reusable straw!

Cutlery Pouch

Cutlery Pouch

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