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You Call it Cake, I Call it Kuchen | A Most Resourceful Fruity Traybake

Fruity Traybake

So it’s my dad’s birthday this week (sadly no longer with) and it is at this time of year that my mind always turns to my childhood memories. My dad was 100% bonafide German, and he loved his food…German food, English food…his life was food! And I am pretty sure this stemmed from the exceptional introduction he had to it as a child. Because my grandmother lived the most resourceful life imaginable bringing up three small boys in a tiny village in wartime Germany.

Green Tomato Spiced Cake | Deliciously Different

Cake Made from Green Tomatoes

Fancy doing something a bit different with the glut of green tomatoes you have left? Give this tried and tested green tomato cake a go! If like me you are a fan of sticky spiced cakes you will love this. Given the seal of approval from my work colleagues, even converting those who don’t believe vegetables belong in a cake (although most class tomatoes as a salad or a fruit!) gave it rave reviews. It is after all, quite delicious.