Can I Recycle This?

Want to know if a particular item is recyclable or not? Then we may or may not have the answer, but we will get it for you!

Wrapping Paper Recycling by County

Having heard conflicting advice from different areas about whether wrapping paper could be recycled or not, we decided to check each county website in turn. It would appear that in the majority of cases, wrapping paper is accepted for recycling as long as it is free of glitter and plastic, and doesn’t spring back when you scrunch it. Tape and ribbon should also be removed!

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Can I Recycle James Well Beloved Dog Food Bags?

We buy James Wellbeloved dog food anyway because frankly, it is a great product, but when somebody asked about buying dog food in recyclable packaging it got me thinking! I had always assumed the packaging was paper, and therefore recyclable, but I thought I had better check! And here is what I was told! Disappointing!

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Making the Most of Your Shoes | Where and How to Recycle Shoes

Whether you have a shoe collection of Imelda Marcos sized-proportions, or see them as a functional item to protect your feet, we all have shoes. And at some point those shoes will come to the end of their useful life to you. But what happens to them then? What should we do with our pile of unwanted shoes?

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Can I Recycle Rubber Bands?

Well, rubber is in fact recyclable strictly speaking, but you would need an awful lot of them to make it worth anybody’s while. Some people may even say it’s compostable given that it is originally made from a natural product, but the processing it goes through to form it into products can make it very slow or even impossible to decompose.

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Warburton’s Toastie Bread Wrapper

We wrote to Warburtons about their Toastie bread, as we thought the wrapper was made of paper and therefore recyclable, but we wanted to check! Here is their answer! It is worth noting that normal plastic bread bags are now recyclable in most supermarket carrier bag recycling collection points!

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Can I Recycle Bear Yo Yo Wrappers?

Are Bear Yo Yo wrappers recyclable? They feel papery but they also have a shiny inner coating. We contacted the manufacturers directly to find out and they told us all about their packaging.

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