Smart Home

If you speak to the majority of people on what they would change about their home I suspect their answer would be ‘to cut back on costs’ – we all know the story, the price of living is rising and wages don’t match! Being (relatively) young I don’t remember a time when you could fill your shopping trolley for £30 or when my household bills were ‘affordable’’…so I have had to adapt to living within my means rather quickly!

Within the smart home section of WNWN we aim to get to grips with the nitty gritty of running a household efficiently, without stretching you to the max but still maintaining a healthy mind, body and environment. We examine convenience and look at whether this is worth the premium you pay for it, we look those energy sapping devices plugged into each and every socket around the house and we look at reuse. Reuse is the golden boy of recycling, no processing, no waste, minimal cost, just taking something and making it your own – a very on trend thing to do right now.