Waitrose Plastic Packaging Policy

Waitrose have announced (13/11/2018) that have brought forward their target to make all own-brand packaging widely-recycled, reusable or home compostable from 2025 to 2023. Based on 2017 figures, they will replace approx 11,000 tonnes of non-recycled plastic within those 2 years with more sustainable alternatives

Waitrose says, “Plastic serves several important functions in retail, including protecting products from damage in transit and helping preserve food for longer. However, we only want to use plastic when it is really needed and prevent it from entering the environment where it can cause damage to animals and ecosystems. We will achieve this in five steps: 


Product Packaging

We are removing and re-designing our packaging.
We are also introducing alternatives to non-recyclable plastics.


Products we use
and sell 

We are removing unnecessary plastic from our product ranges that we sell and that we use as a business.



We are working with our customers to understand which plastics really are unnecessary and trialling new ways of shopping.


Supply chain

We are working with our suppliers to understand where unnecessary plastic is used and reduce it.


Plastic pollution and healthy oceans 

We are supporting organisations that are tackling plastic pollution through innovation and conservation.

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